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VinnHotel Standart Version
Manufacturer: Vinn
$10.00 per 1 month(s)
Products specifications
Graphic Screen Yes
Reservation and Final Sales Inquiries Yes
Can Make Reservations Yes
Room Upgrade Yes
Room Move Yes
Reservation Account Transaction Yes
Invoice Module Yes
Guest Expense Module Yes
Guest Search & Registration Module Yes
Working with All Currencies Yes
Currency Converter Yes
Cash Module Yes
Identity Notification Module Yes
Reminder Module Yes
Report and Statistics Module Yes
Messaging Module Yes
General Definitions Module Yes
Room Identification Module Yes
Real-Time Management Module Yes
Package Sales Identification Module Yes
Promotional Sales Identification Module Yes
Booking Rules Module Yes
User Definitions Module Yes
Current Account Module Yes
Housekeeping - Demand - Fault Module Yes
Messaging with Travel Agencies Yes
Door Card Module Integration Yes
Telephone Switchboard Integration Yes
Invoice Declaration Module Yes
Bulk e-mailing Yes - In-App Purchase
Sending Bulk SMS Yes - In-App Purchase
Staff Tracking Module Yes
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